Not quite as big as London 2012

For once, Edinburgh doesn't feel like the centre of the world in August: a lot of attention in the first few weeks has rightfully been south of theOlympic standard postering border, on the London Olympics. It affected our suggestions a bit, for instance with the Shakespeare play 'the cyclist of Box Hill', featuring King Hoy, Victoria of Pendleton and other stars. The Imps stay in one big flat and it's one of the best experiences of being up in Edinburgh – sorry for the neighbours who contacted us on twitter to tell us to keep the noise down, and we hope that bottle of wine made up for it. Luke Ogilvie-Thompson was the soul of positivity all of the fringe and deserves to be recorded for posterity. Thanks to the kind reviewer who called us "a talented group of young people, for sure... succeed where many others here at the Fringe so abysmally fail – being funny". And hello, again, to Marcus Brigstocke, who remembered us from the previous year's ski trip when we flyered him on the Royal Mile. True class.