Rehearsing Improv in Central Park

ImpsOnUSStage This was our third journey to the US as the imps, and our biggest-ever tour, stopping off at Providence, New York, Chicago, and Nashville – all the while dealing with some of the hottest weather we've ever experienced.

In New York, we performed at UCB and the Magnet, including to old members of the company now settled in the city. In Chicago, the mecca of improv, we had the chance to take a workshop with Susan Messing and Annoyance theatre.

In Nashville, we performed on the same stage as Bob Dylan (not at the same time, sadly) and enjoyed the amazing hospitality of the Schullers, the family of our former producer Christopher. After sleeping on a lot of floors, that was very welcome indeed. We had the full spectrum of American experience, from Coney Island fun fairs, to crime on the Chicago subway, to enjoying the hospitality of the kindest and nicest people on the planet.

Lastly, a big shout out to Trinity Zoo, and their teacher Mauro, who we saw in Providence. They may be school age, but trust us as a training company – these are the stars of the future.