Our greatest generation (so far)

Wow! It's always exciting to meet the future of your company, in our massive, raucous and hugely fun annual auditions. A big welcome to the lucky (well, talented) new members:

Archie Cornish

Tanner Efinger

Vicky Hawley

Dom O'Keefe

Thierry Thielens

Alice Winn

Along with a vital infusion of production and musical talent:

James Robinson

Alicia Ejsmond-Frey

Jenny Garner

It's a lovely mix of old improv hands, and new recruits ready to learn from us wizened ones. Don't worry, after eight weeks training they all emerged polished improvisers and awesome all-time folk, so look out for them at the end of this term.

As ever, a big round of applause to all of you who tried out. Improv lives and dies with people's enthusiasm for it, as performers, as casual fans, and as audience members, so you make a great thing possible. You are brave and you are sexy. Maybe see you next year.