The Nether Nether Lands

Over the Easter weekend, we Imps strapped on our clogs, pinned on our tulips and threw away our mountaineering gear. We were off to Holland! After being assured by the unintentionally hilarious Ryanair fanfare that our flight had arrived 'ON TIME', we were released into the land of brilliant orange. Good Friday evening was spent with our Dutch hosts watching the phenomenally camp Dutch 'Passion', replete with rollerskating Judas Escariot, whilst gulping bottles of Heineken and Grolsch – the only two Dutch beers!

The centrepiece of our stay was a show with Parnassos Theatersport for their 12 ½th birthday show, all performed in English. (We realised by the end that their English – and the crowd’s – was better than ours...) The crowd threw roses at the performers if they approved of a scene or gag; alas, we didn’t get to keep them. There was still time for a day trip to Amsterdam, and for Tom Skelton to be hit by a bike – they don’t like slowing down, those Dutch cyclists... But overall a cracking trip!