Blues Improv: Like the boat race, with more jokes and less water.

Blues improvised comedy has an odd ring to it, as if we sloped on stage morosely and snivelled through some scenes. But twas nothing of the sort. Nay: it was the meeting of the Cambridge Impronauts and the Oxford Imps upon a single stage! Like the boat race, with more jokes and less water. Our lovely Cambridge counterparts held a festival this month with a whole host of guest spots, and welcomed us along on Friday 20th to perform with them at the beautiful Downing Theatre. Swish. A heavy dose of translation was needed to kick off the evening as it turns out we know all the same games, but by mutually incomprehensible names; this straightened out, we were able to knock up a set list of imps, impronauts, imps vs impronauts and imps with impronauts that everyone could comprehend. Cultural exchange at its finest.

This set list we then executed with due joi d’improv to a lovely Cambridge audience. Thanks to you all for the suggestions, the laughter, the cheers and boos, and the occasional slaying of foolhardy players. And above all THANKS to those fine folk the Impronauts for sharing their stage, their city, and their pub. Hurrah!