…and half a dozen of the other

Much like the Duchess of Cambridge, the Imps would like to announce a new arrival in 2013! Unlike the Duchess of Cambridge, our new arrival not called George. Our new arrival is called Gen14 (the imaginatively-named fourteenth generation of imps), comprised of: - Alex Fox - Francesca Evans - Freddie Clayton - Kat Brewster - Sophie Ward - Thomas Toles

We are incredibly proud of our new bunch and we are sure that, while they may not go on to rule the country (they may), they will all be fantastically funny, wonderfully watchable, simply smashing imps when they debut later this year.

We would like to sincerely thank all 105 people who auditioned for us. Despite all the true and honest fun, the audition process is historically gruelling, involving painstaking quorums, fumbling notes, and worst of all – a lot of really talented people for whom we just don’t have the capacity. We were so excited about the amount of talent in the room that we stayed up past 2am on each night deliberating, meditating, and eating pizza. Well done to all of the auditionees, every single one. 

We are also looking forward to a few more additions to Gen14 in the form of musicians, whose arrival we shall announce shortly, and techies, whom we shall be auditioning for on Monday 11th November (if you are interested in becoming an imp techie please email jenny@oxfordimps.com for more information).

Dom and Tanner Co-Directors