Cold outside, but in here our ears are burning

Term is going well. This month saw a sell-out show for UNICEF, sharing the stage with award-laden comedy wunderkind Ivo Graham, as well as Naz Osmanoglu, Tom Greeves and Winston Smith. The Wheatsheaf shows continue to do well, and at a secret location in Oxfordshire the nubes are training up nicely, practicing everything from acceptance games to rapping to improvised Shakespeare.

But the big news of recent days has been a visit by the Oxford Theatre Review. They had this to say about us:

"The finale draws all the Imps together bellowing the chorus and as I look around the crowd I feel like a young child at a pantomime: glistening eyes eagerly fix the stage and eye-wrinkling grins adorn every face [...] The only way to really understand what the Imps do is to see their skill in action, which I would highly recommend. Regardless of your expectations, I guarantee that you will leave the set feeling refreshed and uplifted."

Read the review here, or better yet, come and see us! There are only a few more chances left to do so this year, after all.