Mondays 8pm at the Wheatsheaf, Oxford

***** Devastatingly funny, light-hearted and thoroughly enjoyable, I didn’t want it to end.
— Ed Fringe Review
***** Dynamic and talented
— Oxford Mail
***** This is the best improvised comedy I have ever had the pleasure to witness
— ThreeWeeks


Every show is completely different, and made up on the spot entirely based on audience suggestions.

The Imps are a mixture of students and locals from the city of Oxford, UK, who do comedy similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

We perform weekly at The Wheatsheaf, Mondays at 8pm. Tickets are only £3.50 for two hours of entertainment. We also have a licensed bar open throughout the evening.

Other Performances

The Imps perform at arts festivals, comedy nights, and college balls across the country. We also have spin-off week long shows, and run workshops.

We’ve toured France, the USA, Holland and Bosnia. Every summer we perform daily at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.



Oxford Shows

Every Monday Night. 
The Wheatsheaf.

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Performers on stage

We hold open auditions once a year for stage performers. Absolutely anyone can audition, anyone!  Student or non-student, whatever age, whatever experience.


We hold group auditions in which we play a few fun games with all of you and encourage you to feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible. We are proud of how unscary our auditions are. 

We look for performers who support others on stage, who are committed to what happens on stage, and who want to have fun.  It is surprising how much further qualities like this will go in audition, as opposed to wittiness or an ability for gags. We think good improv comes from a good team, and we look for team members in our auditions.

Our next auditions will be held in the next academic year.  To keep updated, follow us on Twitter (@oxfordimps), join our mailing list, Like our Facebook page, or send us an email.


Musicians, Tech and Production 

Just as the comedy is improvised, so too is the tech and piano.  We welcome anyone to audition who feels confident they can improvise music and tech for live performances.


For musicians, the audition involves improvised piano playing while some stage Imps perform.  The stage Imps' work is to provide the action, your music can be expected to underscore, support and enhance the scene.  Auditions will be held at Wadham College on Saturday 1st November, to book a slot contact us.

For tech Imps, the audition is an informal meeting to discuss your previous experience (if any– experience is not expected!)

We’re one of the best-run theatre companies in Oxford, and that takes a lot of help. Front-of-house and production positions can be available year-round. If you’re looking for front-of-house opportunities email us.

Tech, music, and production Imps are vital to the company and enjoy all the perks of being a stage Imp.



We are happy to perform almost anywhere

You can book us for public or private events, and are always open to ideas for interesting places and events to do shows. We usually perform our classic 45-minute set of sketches, games, and scenes, but we’ve also been:

  • The cast at a murder mystery
  • Guerilla Shakespeare perfomers
  • Animals and moving trees at an Alice in Wonderland party
  • French revolutionaries at an Oxford ball
  • Living statues at a Roman-themed soirée
  • Late night adventurer-tour guides in the Ashmolean Museum 
  • Animation voice-actors
  • Commentators for Varsity Basketball matches

Let us know what you’d like to organise, and we can work with you to make it happen.


Many more on our YouTube channel



Our producers Frankie and Lucy would love to hear from you!

Use this form to whizz them a message about joining us, booking us, reviewing us or any other queries at all. 


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