Nubes: Gen 15.

What do you call people who are afraid of the Greek symbol for frequency? Nu-wimps. The calibre of that joke gives you some idea why we find it necessary to recruit new Imps every year. We have conscripted our fifteenth generation (take that Pokémon) of performers and pianists, whose names will henceforth be spoken with awe and in alphabetical order: Chesca Forristal, Lydia France, Harry Househam, Josh James, Adam Mastroianni, Oliver Mills, Dawn Parsonage-Kent, Kevin Pinkoski, and Sam Davies Udina.

The Imps have rehearsed for much of the term with these bright-eyed and bushy-tailed newcomers and I can already say with confidence that they have more talent than all the people who performed in my middle school talent show combined (I was the only performer as everyone else neglected to get their permission slips signed). There is no doubt that these new Imps will bring rip-roaring comedy, contagious melodies, and rejuvenating life to our troupe for the rest of the year. Don’t miss their debut show at the Wheatsheaf Pub this Monday, December 1st!

Some time has passed now but we are still so grateful to the nearly 100 people to came out to our performer and pianist auditions this year. Few things are more difficult than having to choose a small group of people out of a large group of incredibly impressive candidates. We were up into the wee hours of the night arguing, chain smoking, and racking our brains about all the amazing auditionees. It couldn’t have been a more gifted group even if a nuclear power plant exploded next to a comedy club/piano bar, creating a series of hilarious Mozartian superheroes who could literally use laughter as medicine. Thanks again to everyone who gave it a shot.

If you are a technician and would like to join the Imps, do not fear! Generation 15 is not yet complete. Send an email to or if you are interested. We will be announcing the audition dates in the near future.

Finally, I can’t tell you how few job and romantic offers you will get for the rest of your life if you prove your idiocy once and for all by missing our nubes debut show this Monday. Be there. Die a hero.

Thomas Toles, Director