impsGreetings on behalf of generation eleven!  So, we appear to have made it to  the other side of our first Wheatsheaf appearance without serious injury.  Along the way we stumbled across  royalty cunningly disguised as pigeons, a man who looked distressingly like a penguin, a giant horse race and an entirely cheese-less France, which was amusing and disturbing all at once.  No Camembert?  I for one was quite upset.  Thank you to all the lovely lovely people who came to watch and suggest and laugh in all the right places.  It’s been a busy term getting ready for our first performance and it was ace to have you all there.  "Getting ready," you say, "to improvise?  How so?" Aha, good question.  No line learning or blocking or dress rehearsals, just lots and lots and lots of playing games.  It's a hard life but we do it for our art and all that, hemhem.imps2 The good ship Michaelmas has reached port and the Imps are disembarking for the time  being, but I'm already over-excited about joining you for the hilarity of Hilary.  Until then, I wish you a merry one of all the festivals coming up, with a side portion of gratuitous extra merriment. See you in the Wheatsheaf dear friends!

With festive love Sylvia