New Show This Week

IMPerium this week!

IMPerium this week!

At a loose end? No longer! This post has just told you about IMPerium, the latest and most ambitious project from the Oxford Imps. This is a full, feature-length adaptation of our highly successful format 'no minor characters', spinning an entire world out of chance encounters and bit-players.

"The world is a funny place, full of people whose stories we never hear. The person who sat next to you the last time you were on the bus – what is their story? Let’s explore. Perhaps we aren’t so different or distant, after all…"

The show is running all this week until Saturday; at 7.30 each night at the Burton Taylor theatre. Tickets can be bought here, or on the door if they don't sell out in advance. Oxford's other comedy legends, the Revue, will be playing straight after us so there's a chance to get a double bill of comedy magic.

See you there!