Reviews that make us feel good

Our Edinburgh Fringe show has garnered two lovely four-star reviews. “From the first second of the first minute”, says Three Weeks, “the Oxford Imps commanded the rapt attention of their audience.”  We like the sound of “Tidal waves of humour” and while we’re not in a position to speak about our “collective genius” (you’ll have to be the judge – 3pm daily at the Gilded Balloon, tickets from £8.50 if you can get them) it’s great that improv is being recognised as a team sport.

Every team must have a captain, however. Fest Magazine says that “Director and compère Joseph Morpurgo holds the show together”.  They don’t know the half of it. Joseph is currently asleep after partying until dawn on Saturday/Sunday, but when he gets up we can tell him that, according to Fest, “the Oxford Imps' speedy wit and their excellent rapport with one another make it a safe bet that they'll be just as much of a hit this year as they were in 2008.”

Don’t believe any performer who tells you that they don’t read reviews; the Imps certainly do, and today they’re delighted. They’ll be out in their hoodies on the Royal Mile tomorrow, with a great big smile on their face.

Full reviews here (Three Weeks) and here (Fest).