How much will it cost?

It costs £185 pounds in total. But to confirm your place there’s a £50 deposit and the rest later on. £70 in November, £65 January.   

When is it? 

Friday 15th – Sunday 17th March 2019 (incl.) 

Where is it? 

Hunstham Court, Huntsham, Tiverton, EX16 7NA. (That's in Devon). 

What do I get? 

You get a sensational three-day extravaganza in a Grade II listed building, hanging out in a big house with a huge spread across Imps generations attending. There will be parties and chill time, some activities, food and drink all taken care of. 

What activities?

Dancing, Singing, Collective Naps, Walks in the Country, mmmm snacks, DRINKING, Catching up with old friends, Making new friends, playing Mafia, Group massages, Baths, Bathing together, Baths, more Baths, did someone leave a bath bomb in my bed? Exploring – it took us 2 hours to walk around the entire house and look at all the bedrooms... This is the most epic game of sardines you will ever play. Oh and Assassins. Yoga. Board games. Tea and caking. 

I have allergies. 

We'll ask you nearer the time and you will be catered for. 

Who can I bring? 

Yourself and your imaginary friends. 

Who’s going to be there? 

Your imaginary friends and your real friends. 

How long is it? 

A weekend away. Arrive Friday late afternoon/early evening and leave Sunday afternoon. 

When can I turn up? 


How do I reserve a place?

Transfer £50 to the imps bank account. Sort code 20-65-20 Account 20005843.That reserves your place.

I'm a foreigner! What are the IBAN details?

We recommend TransferWise for international transfers, it is great. 
IBAN is GB49 BUKB 20652020005843. 
If you prefer to PayPal, Monzo or similar, please get in touch. 

What do I need to bring? 

Yourself and "yes and" vibes. Here's a list of physical items;
1. Camera / DSLR. 
2. Hair dryer
3. Water bottle
4. Whatever you feel happiest wearing. Whether it be a ball gown or a dressing gown or both.
5. In addition to the alcohol served, you might want to bring a posh bottle of wine or fizz for your table on Saturday night. 

Is there wifi?

It's shit wifi and the mobile reception is poor to none. We're trying to encourage a #screenfree weekend and get immersed. This is a one off weekend. #techdetox 

What will we eat?

We have a plan. 

Do I need a towel/toiletries?

No mate. We're in a palace. It's all part of the package and part and parcel.  

Is it a party? 

YES! In whichever way you most like to party. We will have a separate ballroom for dancing, but if that's not your bag there is a big fireplace with sumptuous sofas and a grand piano. You could call it a retreat if you want. Saturday is the big night, where we'll all eat together and have a lovely time. :)

Can I bring a plus one/can I bring my gran? 

Not at the moment, if this changes we’ll let you know. 

What’s the dress code? 

Bring your best hat.

But I mean, can I spend the whole weekend in pyjamas or my onesie?

Mate, OF COURSE! You can do what you want. 

How is this all possible?

This event is gonna be subsidised by the Imps company to the tune of a few grand. 

Can I come to just one night? 

Yes. However, it will still cost the same. 

Will transport be included, how will I get there? 

The house is 15 minutes drive away from Tiverton Parkway Station. We will arrange transport details closer to the time. We will encourage car-sharing (or train buddies!) from London. Current Imps will get subsidised travel from Oxford. 

I struggle with sleeping and need a quiet space, will there be one?

Yes! The Garden Wing is a 20 second walk outside with a separate entrance and is a little more detached for a quieter night.

I need a bit of space to recharge, is there one?

The house is enormous and full of sofas and nooks to snuggle in. If you need a bit of space to recoup rest assured there are plenty of spots for you away from the hullabaloo.

Do I need to bring a posh outfit? 

Doesn't need to be posh, but bring something you feel special in for the Saturday night dinner.  

Will everything be included, should I bring cash? 

Food, booze and all entertainment is included. Mate, you don't need cash you're in a palace. 

What’s the hashtag?

Suggestions so far include #oXVordimps #ImpsHeadRevisited and #ImpsImpsDevonTheStage

What if I don’t know all of the Imps? 

None of us do! Maybe you're a sexy older Imp or a fresh spring chicken, everyone wants to know you because you're great.

Aren't I too old for this?

Yeah. You should probably stay at home with a kitkat... OF COURSE NOT. WE LOVE YOU THE MOST. Some of the young folk go to bed earlier than you. Don't worry about it. We are so so excited to see you. And if you like a quiet one, have you seen the size of the place?!! 

I was only in the Imps for one term/year, can I still come?

YES. We can't wait to see you and we want you there.

Should I bring my imps top?

Don't you wear it all the time anyway?

Can I have a suggestion please? 

Cucumber! Dentist! Spatula! 

Are there any instruments there, should I bring my own? 

A baby grand piano in the Great Hall, a honky tonk in the bar and 2 harpsichords in 2 of the bedrooms. Bring more instruments though! omg guys let's start a band. 

Is this a networking opportunity?


How many Imps have there been, how many Imps will be there? 

195 + soon to be nubes of Gen 19. We can have a max. of 84 Imps staying at Huntsham Court.

What about the nubes? 

What ABOUT the nubes? You mean the ones auditioning in October? It's all fine. We'll make sure there is space for them and that they will be pumped. full. of. petrol. no sorry. dreams. I mean. Imp love. Imp love.

Can I help?

DEFFO. At the moment: Encourage other Imps to come along! Start making playlists! Make Imps bunting! 

This is too expensive for me. 

Please contact Archie Cornish, who is organising an anonymous fund via donations to subsidise Imps who may find the cost of the ball a bit of a stretch. archie@oxfordimps.com

I'm a working proper person, can I help the younger Imps?

Please contact Archie Cornish, who is organising an anonymous fund to subsidise Imps in a tighter financial situation. If you would like to help, we suggest a donation of £30. archie@oxfordimps.com

Why are we in such a big house? Can't we stay somewhere crapper for less money?

Interestingly, to get a venue this size (with or without self catering), Huntsham was the cheapest practical option! The fact that it's fucking beautiful is a massive cherry on the cake. 

Is there a helipad for me?