Are there still places?

No. Well sort of. There are 80 confirmed Imps. And eight people have said ‘I’m hoping to come I need to let you know’ for the two remaining places. But there’s some additional accommodation on the grounds that is two minutes’ walk away and we have some rooms pencilled in, in case more people want to come. Because no one gets a ‘no’ in the imps. That would be blocking. Remember?

Can I come to just dinner on Friday night or Saturday night?


I’ve already signed up! How much do I owe?

You should already have paid your £50 deposit and second payment of £70 and your balance of £65 was due by the end of January. You’ve probably had some nice chasing emails from Archie. The weekend costs £185 pounds in total, per imp.   

Remind me of those bank details… 

Oxford Imps Productions. Sort code 20-65-20. Account number 20005843.

When is it again? 

2pm Friday 15th – 4.30pm Sunday 17th March 2019. (This has now been reconfirmed by the venue! – updated 28th Jan 2019).

Um, where is it? 

Hunstham Court, Huntsham, Tiverton, EX16 7NA. (That's in Devon). 

Is transport included, how do I get there? 

It is up to you to sort your transport; BUT if you are coming from Oxford we will be providing a lot of assistance in logistics and some subsidy. If you are coming from London we can set you up with people coming from similar environs (ooh, french word) so that you can car-share or train-share – which will work out très economical.
The house is 15 minutes’ drive away from Tiverton Parkway station (est. 1844 – wow huh – search for code ‘TVP’ on trainline.com), so getting a train is pretty easy too. We will be telling local taxi companies to expect extra passengers arriving on the Friday afternoon, so there will be a fleet waiting. We will also ask taxis to come and wait on Sunday afternoon at the venue, so that people can share the cost back to la gare.

How much is a taxi from the train station? 

Twenty big ones.

What have I signed up for? 

A sensational three-day extravaganza in a Grade II listed building, hanging out in a big house with loads of awesome Imps from all over – we have Imps from every generation and every continent in the world coming. There will be parties and chill time, and some activities, with food and drink all taken care of. 

What activities?

The schedule has been announced on email and on the imps Facebook group – but in addition to that expect collective naps, catching up with old friends, making new friends, baths, baths, more baths, did someone leave a bath bomb in my bed? Exploring – it took us 2 hours to walk around the entire house and look at all the bedrooms... Wanna run an activity? Email Hannah with your ideas! This is the most epic game of sardines you will ever play.

I have allergies. 

Please make sure you’ve put this on the google form we’ve sent you! We will do the best we can to cater for your needs.

Who’s going to be there? 

Your imaginary friends and your real friends. 

When can I turn up? 

From 2pm Friday the 15th March 2019.

What do I need to bring? 

Yourself and "yes and" vibes. Here's a list of physical items you might want:
1. Camera / DSLR. 
2. Hair dryer
3. Water bottle
4. Whatever you feel happiest wearing. Whether it be a ball gown or a dressing gown or both.
5. In addition to the alcohol served, you might want to bring a posh bottle of wine or fizz for your table on Saturday night. 

Is there wifi?

Yes but the wifi is shit; and the mobile reception is poor to none. We're trying to encourage a #screenfree weekend and get immersed. This is a one off weekend. #techdetox 

What will we eat?

We have a plan. 

Do I need a towel/toiletries?

No mate. We're in a palace. It's all part of the package, part and parcel.  

Are the bedrooms first-come first-serve?

Ha no. There are 37-bedrooms, that would result in the Imp Hunger Games. You will be allocated a room based on the preferences you tell us in the Google Form. Once you arrive, you are welcome to swap with another imp if they want to too. Some imps will have to share a double bed (we will put you with a close friend) – if you don’t want to share at all, you won’t have to.

Is it a party? 

YES! In whichever way you most like to party. We will have a separate ballroom for dancing, but if that's not your bag there is a big fireplace with sumptuous sofas and a grand piano. You could call it a retreat if you want. Saturday is the big night, where we'll all eat a sit-down dinner together and have a lovely time :)

Can I bring a plus one/can I bring my gran? 

Not at the moment, as we have sold out, so priority went to the Imps. The weekend is being partly bankrolled from Wheatsheaf profits. We might have some last minute cancellations, in which case we will email everyone coming asking if they’d like to buy any spare tickets for their +1.

What’s the dress code? 

The whole weekend is casual (what would you wear to Mark Zuckerberg’s house?) except for Saturday night’s ‘15 Anniversary Dinner’ where we encourage people to dress up – i.e. black or white tie, cocktail dresses/suits. You might also want to bring some outdoorsy stuff if you want to explore the grounds/walks. You also very very welcome to dress ludicrously all weekend.

But I mean, can I spend the whole weekend in pyjamas or my onesie?

Mate, OF COURSE! You can do what you want. 

How is this all possible?

This event is gonna be subsidised by the Imps company to the tune of a few grand. 

I struggle with sleeping and need a quiet space, will there be one?

Yes! Let us know on the google form we’ll send you and we can put you in the beautiful little Gate House or Garden Wing.

The house is also enormous and full of sofas and nooks to snuggle in. If you need a bit of space to recoup rest assured there are plenty of spots for you away from the hullabaloo.

Do I need to bring a posh outfit? 

Doesn't need to be posh, but bring something you feel special in for the Saturday night dinner.  

Will everything be included, should I bring cash? 

Food, booze and all entertainment is included. Mate, you don't need cash you're in a palace. 

Will there be staff and stuff?

The mansion is ours for the weekend. Imagine this is our communal house (the dream!) and we are having a giant house party. We are self-catering with the help of a couple of friends of the imps. We might have a bit of hired help with clearing away after meals, and there is a housekeeper on the grounds for emergencies, but we will be basically left alone and to our own devices.

What’s the hashtag?

Suggestions so far include #oXVordimps #ImpsHeadRevisited and #ImpsImpsDevonTheStage

What if I don’t know all of the Imps? 

None of us do! Maybe you're a sexy older Imp or a fresh spring chicken, everyone wants to know you because you're great.

Aren't I too old for this?

Yeah. You should probably stay at home with a kitkat... OF COURSE NOT. WE LOVE YOU THE MOST. Some of the young folk go to bed earlier than you. Don't worry about it. We are so so excited to see you. And if you like a quiet one, have you seen the size of the place?!! 

I was only in the Imps for one term/year.

We can't wait to see you and we want you there.

Should I bring my imps top?

Don't you wear it all the time anyway?

Can I have a suggestion please? 

Cucumber! Dentist! Spatula! 

Are there any instruments there, should I bring my own? 

A baby grand piano in the Great Hall, a honky tonk in the bar and 2 harpsichords in 2 of the bedrooms. Bring more instruments though! omg guys let's start a band. 

Is this a networking opportunity?


How many Imps have there been, how many Imps will be there? 

There have been 203 Imps ever. 80 have signed up at the time of writing, that’s like approximately 40% of all imps ever. We can have a max. of 82 Imps staying at Huntsham Court, but we can put more imps in nearby accommodation if needed.

Can I help?

DEFFO. Start making playlists! Make Imps bunting! Email Hannah or Archie with ideas or willingness and they will give you tasks.

How can I further indulge in sentimental excitement?

Sentimental excitement! OK! Take a look at the invitation video here and Sophie’s fan video here!

The name of the house sounds familiar, any reason why?

You’re staying in the house where Douglas Adams wrote his book ‘So Long and Thanks for all the Fish’: could that be it?

Is there a helipad for me?